We will provide the young person with assistance and support, as necessary, in the following key areas: Budgeting; opening and maintaining a personal bank account; Savings and investments.
Loans, Overdrafts and Managing Debt; managing Utility bills; Contracts; Gambling; Insurance; Identity theft; National Insurance and Income Tax.

In agreement with Social services, we will provide the young person with the following financial support:
• Weekly Personal Allowance.
• Annual Birthday Allowance.
• Annual Christmas Allowance.
Provision of mobile (if necessary);
Incentive based weekly phone card / mobile top up; Bus passes for travel; Incentive based savings allowance; Financial assistance during support if deemed necessary.

In order to help the young person to learn to budget in the ‘real world’ we will deduct a small amount from the young person’s weekly allowance to contribute towards the following, in order to prepare them to be independent post 18: Gas; Electricity; Food; Water Rates; Television License